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We, Mabuchi S&T, is a general trading company handling materials and equipment to be used in opt-electronics industries, and the company has been acting for about half a century as a total coordinator in the business field of manufacturing optical and electronic devices.
While movement of making various devices smaller, lighter, and higher accurate is accelerated in recent years, a breakthrough is always requested in a manufacturing scene where nanometer-level stable manufacturing becomes necessary.

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Sensitively recognizing the needs our customers potentially have, we will keep on offering fresh and advanced proposals all the time, based on our unique technology and know-how.

The company always supplies the customers with ultimate systems through establishing a business network with most advanced manufacturers and outside brains as well as building up collaborations with those manufacturers. Furthermore, the company also tackles various problems and issues the customers have, such as quality improvement, cost reduction, shortening the time of delivery, and post-sale service work.

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We will create a value-added business that the generation requests, based on expertise in the market, by making full use of the global network of MST group as well as the domestic and overseas human networks.

  • Supplying products and service through our global network in order to offer cost reduction
  • Mediating business partners among lots of our customers
  • Helping the customers in their marketing activities
  • Providing valuable and up-to-data information

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As the economic globalization advances, now we live in a generation where materials, money, and information are flying about among producer countries and market economies. Working next to our customers all the time, we will conduct speedy logistics supports with safety and security, which can connect worldwide sources for globalizing activities.

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