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We will create a value-added business that the generation requests, based on expertise in the market, by making full use of the global network of MST group as well as the domestic and overseas human networks.

  • Supplying products and service through our global network in order to offer cost reduction
  • Mediating business partners among lots of our customers
  • Helping the customers in their marketing activities
  • Providing valuable and up-to-data information

International procurement of various components and machines - Offering cost reduction -

Selecting a most suitable workshop among affiliated plants of MST group, and conducting all of estimation, accepting orders, manufacturing, and delivery on the basis of superb quality control and business support for reducing human and time-wise costs of the customers.

  • Examples of components: Pressing, Cutting, Plastic molding (by injection, extrusion, and insertion), Glass lens, Plastic lens, Circuit board, (Substrate and Chip-mounted board), Harness, Rubber component, Spring, Die casting (Aluminum and Zinc), and so on
  • Examples of sub-assemblies: Sub-assemblies of strobe, lens unit, and the like
  • Examples of finished products: Finished products of strobe, and the like

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