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Management Concept

Having compassion and sincerity at the foundation of our personality, MABUCHI S&T Group intend to create happiness of all people surrounding us in both physical and mental aspects by our own hands, and to make a contribution to our society, while uniting objectives of the group members and pursuing the professionalism.

Corporate Vision

We, Mabuchi S&T group, aim at impressing our customers by consistently providing truly valuable products and services, while watching our business from an international viewpoint; and furthermore we aspire to improving the corporate profit and continuous enhancement as well as becoming an enterprise to which energetic human resources come together.

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Information on the founder Akira MABUCHI

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What can MST carry out for their customers? How about their advantages?

MST group owns a great amount of expertise based on our longstanding experience for half a century, and a lot of merchandize and information that our customers need at the time. The key is not simply distributing goods, but examining the customers’ issues together with the customers so as to create satisfactory added values.
We started our global marketing around 35 years ago, and predicted the business globalization that the world has at present. Now we are prepared to take speedy actions by making use of our global network established through making efforts for a long period. Each of our members is aiming at being “A topnotch expert in the industry.” Having the first-rate expertise (technology) and information in order to meet the requirements and needs that the customers have must be a big helping hand for our customers.

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