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What can MST carry out for their customers? How about their advantages?

MST group owns a great amount of expertise based on our longstanding experience for half a century, and a lot of merchandize and information that our customers need at the time. The key is not simply distributing goods, but examining the customers’ issues together with the customers so as to create satisfactory added values.
We started our global marketing around 35 years ago, and predicted the business globalization that the world has at present. Now we are prepared to take speedy actions by making use of our global network established through making efforts for a long period. Each of our members is aiming at being “A topnotch expert in the industry.” Having the first-rate expertise (technology) and information in order to meet the requirements and needs that the customers have must be a big helping hand for our customers.

What does MST value as an enterprise?

Our human society stands on the ground of added values created by every people. The society has been peacefully operating by means of mutually respecting the added values that other people created. However, in these days, it seems that sometimes only logic of the strong goes in the business world as well. If people think of only the benefits of themselves, their company, or their own country, eventually such a way of thinking does not bring in any benefits to them, their company, or their own country. From the viewpoint of long-lasting corporate activities and also the survival of the earth, enterprises in the modern society are requested to pay much more attention mutually and respect each other on a global scale.
As our corporate vision indicates, Mabuchi S&T aims at a society in which every people we relate to are able to share happiness, by way of pursuing the happiness of all the people surrounding us in practical and emotional terms.

What kind of company does MST want to be in the future?

The most important object of an enterprise is its durability. Having started with high ideals of the founder, our MST at present is the achievement of sweat and tears created by lots of our senior people. Our mission therefore is to keep up the company, created and brought up to now by those people, further for all eternity.
For that object, all members of the company need to tackle every problem by working together all the time while uniting forces of whole staff as a whole. In Mabuchi S&T, every morning all members of the company chant together the corporate vision, slogan, and business creed for making sure of our joint efforts in order to still keep up and improve the company for its life of 100 years or more, while setting the eight slogans.
Furthermore, with all our forces united, we also keep on making efforts to become a “First-call company” (which the customers want to call at first to purchase something).

Eight Slogans for creating 100-year-old enterprise:

  • Aim at slow but steady growth to keep up the company with soundness and durability.
  • Establish credibility.
  • Have consciousness of a family member to help each other privately and professionally.
  • Make every decision on a scale of not “Profit-and-loss” but “Right-and-wrong.”
  • Respect independence and sensitivity, and solve a problem on your own.
  • Try to offset the risk that can be foreseen.
  • Make efforts to notify other people of what your business is.
  • Do all the common tasks properly.