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Our affluent and beautiful globe for children in the future

To hand down the affluent and beautiful globe to our children in the future, Mabuchi S&T will take actions in all aspects of the corporate practice to assume the company’s social responsibility technically and commercially as much as possible, paying attention to environmental preservation for the globe.

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Wind generation system

Wind generation

Two of wind generators “Air Dolphin” by Zephyr were installed to provide a source of electricity to the night lightings at the parking lot. Air Dolphin can deliver 1kw rated-power with its roter diameter of 1800mm. We will also promote sales of this wind generation system as a distributor. For more information, please contact our sales representatives.

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Contribution to the local community

In Tatsuno-machi of Nagano Prefecture, which is located almost at the central part of Japan and famous for its natural beauty; MABUCHI S&T has developed in the beautiful natural environment since its establishment there, while having deeply rooted in the local region. MABUCHI S&T is going to make efforts to preserve all the natural beauties, e.g., Tenryu-river flowing in front of the head office, South Japan Alps, etc., and leave them to our next generation, as they are now; and then the company will continue all corporate activities as an enterprise that is kind enough for human beings and the natural environment.

Contributing kids newspaper to local schools

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