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Our affluent and beautiful globe for children in the future

To hand down the affluent and beautiful globe to our children in the future, Mabuchi S&T will take actions in all aspects of the corporate practice to assume the company’s social responsibility technically and commercially as much as possible, paying attention to environmental preservation for the globe.

Fundamental Policies

  1. Taking into account the characteristics, scales, as well as effects on the global environment with respect to the company’s business activities, products, and services; Mabuchi S&T shall realize the importance of the environment preservation, and also aim at the company’s business operation with less burden to the global environment.
  2. The company shall establish their environmental management system by all their members, and make efforts toward the continuous improvement on the system, prevention of any environmental pollution, and the global environmental preservation.
  3. The company shall observe the applicable legal regulations on environment preservation and other requirements with regard to the corporate activities.
  4. According to these policies, the company shall set up their goals for the environmental preservation, and also keep reviewing the goals as required.
  5. The company shall define the following subjects to tackle the problems by all members’ unified efforts.
    1) Promotion of planning, proposition, and marketing of environment-friendly products
    2) Contribution toward environmental improvement of the local community through cleaning the neighboring area
    3) Reduction of various burdens to the environment through improvement in business practice based on 5 positive actions (Organizing, Tidying, Cleaning, Keeping cleanliness, and Discipline)
    4) Promotion of resource saving and energy saving
    5)Sorting and recycling waste materials, as well as reduction of waste volume

These principles are instructed to all the company members, and also publicized externally on the company’s Internet home page to ask for cooperation and understanding from the affiliated companies and cooperative firms.

Takashi Mabuchi, President
Mabuchi S&T Inc.