About Us

Management Concept and Business Creed

Mabuchi S&T Ltd. aims to be a company that continues to be really trusted and respected by customers, employees, suppliers, local residents, and all those who surround us. And then we create a company that will last for over 100 years toward a wonderful future.

Business Creed

Gratitude to the past, Confidence in the present, and Hope for the future

◎ Management Concept

Mabuchi S&T Group, has made compassion and sincerity the foundation of our personality, are united in our aspirations and dedicated to professionalism, and aim to contribute to society by creating both material and spiritual happiness for all people around us with our own hands.

◎ Corporate Vision

Mabuchi S&T Ltd. aims to be a company that leads the international market with the industry's No.1 wealth of knowledge and information, continuously improves its earnings and growth, and attracts energetic human resources.

◎ Business Management Policy

・ Customers

We continue to be a trading company that can be trusted continuously by companies that are striving to promote technological development and solve problems on a daily basis.

・ Products

We continue to earn the trust of our customers and suppliers by utilizing our problem-solving and overseas expansion capabilities in the next-generation and conventional processing fields, and by providing products and services that are attractive to our customers more quickly through internal and external collaboration made efficient  by Digital Transformation.

・ Human Resource

We recognize each other as an irreplaceable member of the family, always act with a challenging spirit, think from the other person's point of view, continue to strive with cheerfulness and sincerity, and create an energetic global human resources team.

・ Organizational Structure

In order to achieve our management concept, we make our own decisions based on our management policies, utilizing our individuality and high expertise, creating a chain of added value through partnerships across divisions, and creating an organizational structure with strong ties like a family.

・ Branding

In the global optical and electronic device fields, we create a trusted brand as a specialized trading company that can support the solution of issues related to high quality and high precision manufacturing by utilizing our know-how, knowledge and network obtained from ultra-precision polishing.

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