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Humanoid robot "NEXTAGE"

This is a humanoid robot that can work together as a new partner at production sites.
This robot can learn multiple movements more easily than conventional industrial robots and can work even at sites without fences by carrying out appropriate risk assessments.
It enables us to contribute to the automation of all kinds of operations in a wide range of fields, including the electronics and electric parts industry, the automotive industry, the food industry, and the cosmetics industry.



The latest model in the series, "Fillie," released on March 1, 2022, is a model that pursues the development concepts of "compact size," "cost performance," and "highly compatible design," and we propose its use in new markets that are even closer to people as well as conventional markets.


  • Supports business operations as a human partner and improves work efficiency.
  • Learns multiple operations and handles a wide variety of tasks.
  • Usable by anyone without programming knowledge.

We can resolve the following customer issues.

  • Wants to increase efficiency and reduce manpower at the manufacturing site.
  • Wants to maintain the quality of products but reduce the cost of human resource training.
  • Wants to secure a stable workforce because there are many replacements for personnel.
  • Wants to promote automation, but is concerned about the technology and knowledge required to introduce robots.

A simple operation can improve efficiency, safety, and productivity at the manufacturing site.                          

Please contact us if you are considering process automation or efficiency improvement.

NEXTAGE (NXA) Specifications

NEXTAGE (Fillie) Specification Table



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