Air sterilization device Solpat AP

Strengthen infection control by sterilizing air!
UV air sterilization device with proven effectiveness

Countermeasures against infectious diseases, such as COVID-19, will continue to be an important part of maintaining the work environment.

Even with basic infection control measures (health checks, wearing masks, hand washing, and sanitizing), infections are still occurring in facilities and offices.
Some people have no symptoms, some take off their masks at different timings, and the degree of hand washing and sanitizing varies from person to person... Isn't there a limit in reducing the risk of infection with the same measures as before? In addition, there are many situations where it is difficult to open windows frequently to ventilate.
Therefore, as a solution to the lack of ventilation and to further strengthen infection control, it is recommended to use the UV air sterilization device "Solpat AP".

Reliable effects

"Solpad AP" is a device that irradiates ultraviolet rays while circulating air to sterilize and inactivate airborne bacteria and viruses. For many years, the Company has tested UV sterilization devices for gloves during sales, and has confirmed the importance of light intensity, distance, and irradiation time for UV sterilization, and has reflected them in our product development.
"Solpad AP" is designed based on the principle of UV sterilization, and its effectiveness has been proven in third-party tests.

The most effective 254nm UV C-wave is used to sterilize and inactivate bacteria and viruses in a short time.

Solpat AP's UV sterilization system enables rational sterilization by determining the optimal amount of UV light for sterilization (amount of UV light x irradiation time).


Ensuring safety to the human body while while keeping the effectiveness

The UV sterilization system, Solpat AP does not irradiate UV light directly into the space, but irradiates UV light inside the device while circulating indoor air with a fan to inactivate and sterilize airborne bacteria and viruses. Therefore, it is safe because people are not directly exposed to UV light.  In addition, the installation location is higher than the space where there are people such as the ceiling.

The reason for this is that when the device is installed on the floor, the air is circulated in a space where there are people, and the air before sterilization gathers around the device, thereby exposing people in the vicinity to the risk of infection.

5 years Warranty

The device itself includes maintenance by the manufacturer for five years  (every six months).

  • Cleaning (filter cleaning or replacement)
  • UV lamp replacement
  • Device inspection (operation check, UV amount check, etc.)

Subject to subsidies for measures to prevent the spread of infection

The Solpat AP is a "UV irradiation device" that is subject to various subsidies for measures against COVID-19.

Installation example

It provides safety in places where people gather, such as offices, changing rooms, various factories, gyms, medical institutions, nursing care facilities, beauty salons, school facilities, restaurants, banquet halls and banks.


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