Edge Polishing System

The best-selling series of silicon wafer edge polishing machines with their excellent track record.

With the polishing station divided into four, these machines combine high stability, high productivity, and space-saving design. Five types are currently available: the 4-inch, 6-inch, 8-inch, 6/8-inch convertible and 12-inch types. We also respond to requests for customization.

It is also possible to polish edges of brittle materials such as silicon, sapphire, silicon carbide, and lithium tantalite.


  1. Achieves high efficiency and low stress polishing to WF by separating the process stage for each part.
  2. Wide contact area between polishing pad and WF edge to support high efficiency.
  3. By using centrifugal force for the polishing pressure, it is possible to polish without breaking the edge shape precisely formed by the edge grinder (centrifugal force following processing method).


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