Single Surface Precision Lapping Machine SW-300

・Maintains lapping plate flatness sustainably without flatness deviation problem on the surface plate.
・Easy to ensure lapping plate flatness for anyone without techinical kow-how.

Sw300-02 Forced Feed Mechanism

Sw300-02 Forced Feed Mechanism


SW-300 can easily polish brittle material substrates (sapphire, SiC, GaN, etc.) with high-precision flatness in a short time. The polishing machines made by other companies could not solve the problem of "flatness deviation" that the surface plate deformed over time and the flatness of the workpiece deteriorated as a result. We have developed a mechanism that eliminates the degree of freedom of the workpiece that causes the surface plate to deviate and makes the flatness of the surface plate and that of the vacuum chuck surface that absorbs the workpiece perfectly parallel. (patent pending) This mechanism frees the operator from the flatness management of the surface plate which has been troublesome until now, and polishing production can be performed while maintaining stable flatness. In addition, the maximum processing diameter is Φ250, which enables batch processing and high productivity.

Overload Sensor System
If the load exceeds the setting is applied during grinding, the feed will stop and the position is kept.
If a further load is applied, the feed is backed to release the stress once, and the feed is re-fed.

Zero-Touch System
The device detects the position where the surface plate and the workpiece come into contact, and automatically sets the home position.

Intermittent feed system
Polishing is performed while repeating the feed and interval.
During the interval, abrasive grains easily enter between the surface plate and the workpiece, improving the polishing rate.

Control of workpiece dimensions
The feed amount of the upper axis is read by a linear scale and it is regulated so that the polishing amount of the workpiece can be controlled.
This allows accurate dimensional control without the hassle of calculating and setting the polishing time based on the rate as before.


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