Realize the environment where dust does not adhere to the objects by eliminating static electricity of dust.                                                              Static charges in the space are all neutralized with high-accuracy.
For antistatic and anti-foreign-materials measuers in the field of electronics and medical care.                                        

  1. The static-free environment is realized without air assistance
  2. Overwhelmingly low cost compared to clean rooms
  3. Humidification is not required
  4. Workers are freed from a wrist strap
  5. No-Blow TRINC reduces the dust-related defects
  6. Layout can be changed freely
  7. One-touch needle cleaning function
  8. A high ion balance secured by ion sensors
  9. Remote controlling function
  10. "ERROR" signal sending out    


■Realization of a static-free environment
■FPD Panel Conveyor
■Home electronics
■Equipment integration
■Sheet and film factories
■Glass manufacturing factory
■Printing plant
■Food factory
■Pharmaceutical factory
■Changing room
■Powder factory
■Resin factory
■Textile factory
■Packaging and packing plants
■Hospitals, offices, hotels


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